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About FEX Viewer™ (free)

FEX Viewer is a free program that allows a third party to open and review a FEX case (created by FEX GUI, CLI, or Triage). Great for case officers, other investigators, prosecutors, etc. to fully review a FEX case.

  • Open and review an existing FEX case including bookmarks and search results.
  • Run new keyword searches.
  • Search available DTSearch indexes.
  • Create new bookmarks and reports.
  • Save new results to the case.

System Requirements

FEX Viewer is a 64 bit application.

Minimum recommended system requirements are:

  • i7
  • 16 GB RAM
  • Windows 10

FEX Viewer does NOT require a dongle or activation.

Screen Shots

Open a Case

View the File System

Video Gallery