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FEX Triage 64 bit – Portable

Setup Instructions:

  1. Download and expand the ZIP file.
  2. Launch FEX Triage using the FEX_Triage_Launch.exe.

12 May 22 – FEX-Triage-64bit-(v2.6.0.2660C)

  • FEX Memory update with the FEX Triage zip file.

6 May 22 – FEX-Triage-64bit-(v2.6.0.2660B)

  • Added ‘Content Type’ to Filename Search for profile lookup.

3 Feb 22 – FEX-Triage-64bit-(v2.4.65.2488A)

  • Added Memory Acquisition (RAM capture) profile.
  • Updates for Bitlocker and APFS.
  • Update to identification of encrypted files.
  • General updates in line with FEX GUI (see the FEX GUI change log).