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Automate forensics  to unlock the power of distributed forensics processing with FEX LAB™.

Scalable from desktop networks to enterprise virtualization hardware FEX LAB™ is the answer to improve forensic lab efficiency and process 24/7/365.

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Automate tasks on forensic image stores including:

– artifact extraction
– email search and analysis
– export folders and files
– export to L01
– hash match
– image verification
– indexing
– keyword search
– random sampling
– report generation



Choose from default processing templates or customize templates and reports for or your organization. Enables investigators to open pre-process FEX cases to immediately identify evidence.

In the video below:

Forensic Explorer Lab (FEX-LAB): Processing agents are created using VirtualBox and Windows Server 2012. These virtual machines simultaneously process and report on multiple forensic image files. The “Hash Match – Random Sample” processing template is run, which creates:

  • CSV of all files.
  • CSV of encrypted files.
  • CSV of all Hash Matched files.
  • CSV of all Hash Matched included files (an exclusion test is run on the match files to determine if they fit the required criteria).
  • A PDF report is created using a random selection of hash matched files.
  • A ‘Global Output’ folder is created to hold a summary text file of the result. This allows the investigator to quickly see the image files that contain hash-matched content. A link to the PDF report is provided in the summary text file.

A Forensic Explorer case is created for each job. The Report folder holds the above content. The investigator can open the processed case in the Forensic Explorer GUI if desired.