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Advanced Computer Forensics Software

For law enforcement and corporate investigations

About GetData Forensics Software for the examination and analysis of digital evidence.

Law enforcement and corporate investigators are being called upon to deal with an exponentially increasing volume and complexity of cases involving electronic evidence.

User Driven

Customer centric development model.

Designed for Law

Designed by forensic examiners for forensic examiners.

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Major Clients

Used by major international law enforcement agencies.

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No major version upgrade fees. Cost effective software maintenance.

Advanced Forensics Software Our Suite of Products

GetData Forensics provide cutting edge software and solutions to reduce forensic backlogs, streamline digital investigations and maximize results.

Forensic Explorer (FEX)™

A powerful and intuitive tool to analyze computer evidence. Recover, analyze and report data from physical disks or forensic image files. Discover user activity with simple search, filter and analysis options. Effective for new or experienced forensic investigators.


A command line data processing engine used for computer forensics and electronic discovery.
Expandable from single instance to an enterprise level virtual environment spawning multiple simultaneous processing instances.

FEX Triage™

Portable and fast on-scene or forensic-lab preview of computers, external drives and forensic image files. Enables new or experienced investigators to quickly make on-scene decisions and flag relevant devices.

FEX Imager™

A forensic imaging tool to create bit level forensic image files in DD or .E01 format. Simple to use it accurately captures all drive data with fully hash integrity. Supports physical and volume acquisitions including remote networked drives.

FEX Viewer™ (free)

About FEX Viewer™ (free) FEX Viewer is a free program that allows a third party to open and review a FEX case (created by FEX…

Mount Image Pro™

Since 2003 Mount Image Pro has been the industry standard for mounting and accessing forensic image files as a windows drive letter. Supports all common forensic file formats. Mount as Windows drive or using MIP…

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For more information or to organize a custom demonstration for your organization please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our Clients Trusted by Federal Agencies & Companies

GetData are committed to providing tools to assist our customers in their pursuit of justice. "In matters of truth and justice, there is no difference between large and small problems, for issues concerning the treatment of people are all the same." (Albert Einstein)

GetData Forensics are proud to support

Project Vic - Helping to Identify and Rescue Children from Sexual Exploitation.
IACIS - A non-profit dedicated to training, certifying and providing services to computer forensic professionals. - A nonprofit for collecting, sharing, and analyzing justice information.